Policy Implementation

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Peer-reviewed Article
In Global Environmental Research
China announced to decrease CO2 emission intensity per GDP by 17% by 2015 compared to the 2010 levels in its 12th Five Year Plan (FYP12: 2011-2015). This paper assesses the implementation plan of the CO2 intensity target in the FYP12 by comparing it with the implementation of China’s energy intensity reduction policy during the 11th Five Year Plan...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Natural Resources Forum: A United Nations sustainable development journal
The first Preparatory Committee Meeting for the Rio+20/ UNCSD 2012 conference prioritized the reform of multilevel environmental governance aiming to address the “persistent implementation gap” for sustainable development. Most subsequent preparatory discussions have focused on improving sustainable development governance and institutions solely at...
Policy Report
This report summarizes the current situations and challenges that developing Asia faces in introducing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). It also discusses various problems experienced by Japan, Korea and Taiwan after the introduction of EPR mechanisms prior to other Asian countries. It then explores issues related to international resource...

Section1: Analytical Frameworks

Low Carbon Transport in Asia: Strategies for Optimising Co-benefits, ISAP2009
This presentation presents the sumary of the first section of the book "Climate-Friendly Transportation in Asia: Optimising Co-benefits".