Sound Material Cycle Society

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Book Chapter
In Handbook of Sustainability Management
This chapter argues that Japan’s strategy for sustainability and environmental management can be characterized as an approach to overcome environmental challenges by harmonizing environmental conservation and economic competitiveness. This can be characterized as Ecological Modernization that emphasizes improving efficiency and expansion of...
European Parliament Workshop on Resource Efficiency: Challenges and Best Practices
In January 2011, European Commission has positioned improving resource efficiency as one of its strategic priorities by publishing A resource-efficient Europe – Flagship initiative of the Europe 2020 Strategy. In September 2011, EC has released Roadmap for Resource Efficient Europe. To respond to these EC’s Initiative, the European Parliament...
Peer-reviewed Article
After the earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear incident in North East Japan in March 2011, there is increasing discussion of reconstructing the damaged areas in an environmentally sustainable manner in Japan. The politicians are beginning to argue that this is an opportunity to reconstruct Japanese society in a more sustainable manner. This...
This presentation overviews Japan's policy towards sound material cycle society. Japan's policy towards sound material cycle society is originally started as a reform of its waste management and recycling policy from waste treatment and sanitation to resource conservation and efficiency policy. The presentation tries to extract lessons for Asia...
Working Paper
The 3rd International Wuppertal Colloquium on “Sustainable Growth and Resource Productivity – Harnessing Industry and Policy Towards Eco-Innovation”
This paper tries to overview Japan’s strategy for sustainability and environmental management in the 1990s to 2000s. The paper argues that Japan’s sustainable strategy can be characterized from its emphasis in improving resource efficiency and expansion of voluntary approach by comprehending environmental challenges as opportunities for further...
Book Chapter
In 3R Policies for Southeast and East Asia
Developing Southeast Asian countries face environmental problems on associated with improper waste management. This paper overviews policy challenges and possibility to facilitate further regional cooperation in waste management and recycling in the region, and discuss the future research topics to formulate regional policies to establish sound...