Lessons learnt from synergies and trade‐offs between SDGs at the sub‐national scale

This document is the first of two project briefs being developed as part of the ‘'Living laboratories for achieving sustainable development goals across national and sub‐national scales' (known for short as the
‘Luanhe Living Lab’) project that is funded by NERC (UK), NSFC (China) and JST (Japan). The overarching aim of the research is to provide scientifically‐grounded, policy‐relevant information on the synergies
and trade‐offs between selected sustainable development goals and targets within the Luanhe River Basin in China.

This research brief is targeted at the international research and policy‐making community and was presented at the International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) on 10th November 2020.
The project team are grateful to local and regional stakeholders for providing constructive comments on draft versions of this brief.

'Luanhe Living Lab' project team