Kitakyushu Initiative Seminar on Solid Waste Management: Kitakyushu Initiative 1st Thematic Seminar

Conference Proceeding

Solid waste is a critical issue for cities in Asia and the Pacific. With changes in lifestyles, the problems faced by cities have compounded, including an increase in both solid and hazardous waste, issues pertaining to landfill management, and recycling, among others. There is often a contrast between cities with different economic levels and cultures with regard to priority issues, as well as treatment techniques.

As part of activities under the Kitakyushu Initiative, the Seminar on Solid Waste Management was held to provide a forum for open discussions on concrete measures to overcome solid waste issues, with specific focus on management of household waste.

This Seminar included the participation of representatives from 12 local governments in the Asia-Pacific region who are actively addressing issues regarding household waste, as well as experts in the field of solid waste management. Discussions focused on existing capacities of local governments to address priority issues; activities currently being carried out by local governments to reduce household waste, touching upon priority issues in legislation, financing, technology, enforcement, and public participation, among others; the concrete actions that can be taken to address particular issues; and policies and measures that may be most appropriate for future actions.

A field visit to demonstration Kitakyushu City's comprehensive solid waste management system was conducted on the afternoon of 19 September to the city's recycling center, incineration plant, and landfill site.