JCM Proposed Methodology "Installation of Solar PV System" for Chile

Version: 1.0

IGES made a proposal of an MRV methodology for the JCM projects which installs solar PV systems to the JCM Joint Committee between Chile and Japan. The Joint Committee approved a methodology CL_AM001 Ver1.0 "Installation of Solar PV System" on the basis of this proposal. The attached version (PM_001) includes three documents: the JCM Proposed Methodology Form, the JCM Proposed Methodology Spreadsheet, and the "Additional information on calculating the emission factors of Chile for the JCM".

This is the proposed version of a methodology, and therefore, it is not to be applied to projects. Project participants and other interested parties shall refer to the most updated version of the JCM Approved Methodology CL_AM001, which is publicly available on the JCM website: https://www.jcm.go.jp/cl-jp/methodologies/68