Japan Case Study of Education for Sustainable Consumption

In Progress in implementing Educaiton for Sustainable Consumption: Comparision of three country case studies - Japan, Mexico and Mauritius
Chapter: 29 April 2010


Japan Case Study on Education for Sustainable Consumption
(prepared for submission to CSD-18 by PERL)
Compiled by Robert J. Didham; Education Policy Specialist, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Information submitted directly by:
Rieko Hanashiro (University of the Ryukyus);
Teruo KOGU (Environmental Policy Bureau, Office of Environmental Education, Ministry of Environment);
Yoshiaki TAKAHASHI (Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), Cabinet Office of Japan);
Satoko Umino (Japan Environment Association)
Further information reflected from: Chapter Seven by Mr. Yoshifumi Ayusawa and Mr. Masahiro Sato and Chapter Ten by Prof. Hideki Nakahara and Dr. Masahisa Sato; in Choi and Didham. Education for Sustainable Consumption in Northeast Asia: Strategies to promote and advance sustainable consumption. (IGES: 2010)