Introducing the Global Environmental Education Partnership (the GEEP)

Event: 27th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Environmental Education
Date: August 5-7 2016 (Gakushuin University, Tokyo, Japan)
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In 2014 delegates from several countries came together to discuss each country’s needs for achieving their environmental protection goals and addressing more than 25 pressing environmental topics that were listed. It was at this meeting that the Global Environmental Education Partnership (the GEEP) was established. The GEEP is comprised of EE policymakers, providers, researchers and practitioners who represent government and non-governmental sectors in counties throughout the world. In 2015, the GEEP delegates met to establish the purpose/mission of the GEEP, as well as the goals and objectives through a series of in-person meetings that were informed by surveys, research, and interviews. Meetings have been held bi-annually since GEEP’s inception. NAAEE was named the Secretariat of the GEEP.