International Symposium on Community Activities for the Conservation of Water Environment: Lessons Learned from Community Activities

Conference Proceeding

(1) State and the Community in Water management Case of the Damodar Valley Corporation, India by Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt
(2) Rewarding Communities for Keeping Rivers Clearn? First Steps in a River Care Program in West Lambung-Indonesia by Rudy Harto Widodo, S. Suyanto et. al.
(3) Consumers Education, Representation and Participation in Integrated Water Resource Management and Conservation Malaysia by Loga Sunthri Veeraiah
(4) Sustainable Conservation of Water Environment Through Community Driven Sanitation Campaign: A Case Study of South Tripura District by Pravin Agrawal IFS
(5) Brief of the Issue of Drinking Water Supply in Hue City, VIetnam by Phan Van Hai
(6) Successful Implementation of Public Private Partnership Model for Water Supply and Sanitation in Nepal by Himalaya Gautam
(7) Community Based Sewerage System to Improve Water Environment in Kelurahan Batununggal, Bandung City, Indonesia by Lufiandi, Diah Endah Triastutiningrum, Setiawan Wangsaaathmaja
(8) Challenges for Implementation of Rain Water Harvesting Project in Arsenic Affected Areas of Bangladesh by Md. Mafizur Rahman, Fatima Jahra
(9) Community Based Agroforestry Practicies for Watershed Management in the Philippine Uplands: Lessons Learned from teh Landcare Experience by Agustin Mercado Jr. Patricia Ann J. Sanchez
(10) River Catchment Awareness and Monitoring Programme for Pinanig River, Penang State, Malaysia: Role of Water Watch Penang, Private Sector and Local Community by Chan Ngai Weng
(11) Academi-Community Initiatives in Mindanao, Philippines to Conserve Water Resources by Olga M. Nuneza
(12) Community Activities Contributing to Water Environment Conservation by Takahiro Ishizaki


The Symposium entitled, Community Activities for the Conservation of Water Environment was organized by WEPA and IGES, co-roganized by the University of Tokyo and Asian Institute of Technology and University of Yamanashi 21st Century COE program in 8 December 2006, Bangkok, Thailand.
The conference was sponsored by Ministry of the Environment, Japan.