International Review for Environmental Strategies

IRES Vol.4 No.2
Volume 4 Number 2
Policy Report
International Review for Environmental Strategies

This edition of IRES presents expert reviews on a diverse range of environmental topics of direct relevance to Asia including environmental education, global climate policy, urban growth management, financing renewable energy, balancing trade and environmental concerns in free trade agreements.


-NGO Environmental Education Centers in Developing Countries: Role, Significance and Keys to Success, from a "Change Agent" Perspective
by Ko Nomura, Latipah Hendarti, and Osamu Abe

-International Political History of the Kyoto Protocol: from The Hague to Marrakech and Beyond
by Suraje Dessai, Nuno S. Lacasta, and Katharine Vincent

-Land Use Control Strategies Around Urban Growth Boundaries in Korea
by Hee-Yun Hwang and Byungseol Byun

-International Experience of Public-Private Partnerships for Urban Environmental Infrastructure, and its Application to China
by Miao Chang, Mushtaq Ahmed Memon, and Hidefumi Imura

-Financing Renewable Energy in India: A Review of Mechanisms in Wind and Solar Applications
by Akanksha Chaurey, M. Kamal Gueye, and N. Yuvaraj Dinesh Babu

-Harmonizing Trade and Environment in Recent Free Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific Region
by Gueye Kamal and Kenichi Imai

-Sustainable Livestock Development in Mongolia
by Nachin Dashnyam

-Making Microchips
by Jan Mazurek (reviewed by John Lane)

-Global Warming and the Asian Pacific
edited by Ching-Cheng Chang, Robert Mendelsohn, and Daigee Shaw (reviewed by Axel Michaelowa)


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