International Review for Environmental Strategies: Environmental Education for Sustainable Development

IRES Vol.4 No.1
Volume 4 Number 1
Research Report
International Review for Environmental Strategies: Environmental Education for Sustainable Development

Environmental education is one of the most effective strategies for increasing general levels of public environmental awareness, developing skills for solving environmental problems, and maintaining and improving quality of life and the environment. In recognition of the world’s growing interest in environmental education, this issue of IRES features on environmental education for sustainable development and presents a broad range of innovative studies in this field.


-Education for a Sustainable Future: Achievements and Lessons from a Decade of Innovation, from Rio to Johannesburg
by John Fien
-Reorienting International Development to Accelerate Poverty Reduction and Ensure Sustainability as this Century's Top Development Goals
by Ryokichi Hirono
-Promoting Regional Cooperation on Environmental Education and Training in the Asia-Pacific: The Role and Contributions of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
by Mahesh Pradhan
-Towards Environmental Education for Sustainable Development: The Contributions of NGOs in the Asia-Pacific Region
by Daniella Tilbury, Wendy Goldstein, and Lisa Ryan
-Ecotourism and Education for Sustainability: A Critical Approach
by Rob Gilbert
-Corporate Environmental Education in Japan: Current Situation and Problems
by Kenjiro Hirayama
-eLearning and Education for Sustainability (EFS)
by Keith Wheeler, Jack Byrne, and Andrea Deri

-Tourism in Japan's Parks and Protected Areas: Challenges and Potential for Sustainable Development
by Lisa Hiwasaki

-Assessment of the "Strengths" of the New ASEAN Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution
by Ebinezer R. Florano

-Enabling Eco Action-A Handbook for Anyone Working with the Public on Conservation
By Les Robinson and Andreas Glanznig (Reviewed by Denise Ham and Wendy Goldstein)
-Mongolia Today: Science, Culture, Environment and Development
By D. Badarch, R. A. Zilinskas and P. J. Balint (ed.) (Reviewed by Nachin Dashnyam)


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