International Review for Environmental Strategies: Towards the Earth Summit 2002

Volume 2 Number 2
Policy Report
International Review for Environmental Strategies: Towards the Earth Summit 2002

The World Summit on Sustainable Development (the WSSD, also referred to as Earth Summit 2002) presents humanity with the first major opportunity of this century, and possibly the last significant opportunity ever, to make steps toward assuring a sustainable future for present and future generations. This edition of IRES invited influential experts to present broad perspectives in terms of sustainable development to contribute to the success of the WSSD.


-The Establishment of a Global Sustainable Development Partnership System
by Qu Geping
-The World Bank and Sustainable Development
by Ian Johnson
-Globalisation and Sustainable Development: The Choices before Rio+10
by Martin Khor
-Sustainable Development: From Dream to Reality
by Emil Salim
-Maximizing Opportunities for All at the World Summit
by Bjorn Stigson
-Where on Earth Are We Going?
by Maurice F. Strong
-Urban Ecosystems and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
by A. H. Zakri, Peter J. Marcotullio, Awais Piracha, Caroline King, and W. Bradnee Chambers

-Do Developing Countries Enjoy Latecomers' Advantages in Environmental Management and Technology?-Analysis of the Environmental Kuznets Curve
by Hiroyuki Taguchi
-Socio-economic Impacts of Climate Change on Indian Agriculture
by K. S. Kavi Kumar and Jyoti Parikh
-Urban Environment and City Governance in India
by Piyush Tiwari

-A Model-based Methodology for Baseline Setting in Flexible Instruments-Results for Indonesia
by Sven Graehl, Wolf Fichtner, Martin Wietschel and Otto Rentz
-Analytical Overview of the Recent Russia-China Timber Trade
by Masanobu Yamane and Wenming Lu

-Climate Change-Science, Strategies, and Solutions
-Negotiating the Kyoto Protocol
-The Fuel Tax Protests in Europe 2000-2001
-Earth Summit 2002: A New Deal
-Environment, Education and Society in the Asia-Pacific


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