International Market Mechanisms and Transparency

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This brochure contains key findings from the International Market Mechanisms and Transparency Project, funded by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan, in 2018. The project was implemented by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) in collaboration with the Regional Collaboration Centre Bangkok of the UNFCCC.

The brochure also introduces the following possible inputs to international process related to Article 6 and 13 of the Paris Agreement:
For robust accounting:
In order to ensure that robust accounting works, not only tracking information but also reporting that information in a transparent manner is necessary. Therefore, in addition to developing an information tracking system, arrangements should be developed internationally for reporting information from countries involved in international market mechanisms and administrators of mechanisms, e.g. using a common format.

For transparency framework:
Systems have to be created where developing countries can improve their transparency over time. Under the system, it is important that developing countries can repeat the process of submitting national reports and receiving reviews on those submitted reports frequently, so that they become familiar with the process and improve subsequent reports .

For identifying and reporting capacity-building needs:
Guidance under the enhanced transparency framework (ETF) of the Paris Agreement should cover more details of the approaches for identifying and reporting capacity-building needs. This can help not only to enhance transparency of capacity-building status, but also to effectively allocate resources for capacity-building activities in a country.