Integrating Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs) into Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in Asia: A Survey with Recommendations

Discussion Paper
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NDCs are the sets of nationally driven actions that countries pledged to the UNFCCC in the wake of the Paris Agreement. Countries in Asia could capitalize on the political and financial support flowing from the Paris Agreement and NDCs to help mitigate Short Lived Climate Pollutants(SLCPs) and curb air pollution.
This paper has three objectives intended to help countries achieve that goal.
・it provides an overview of which countries in Asia have integrated SLCPs (or related terms) into their NDCs.
・it offers pragmatic recommendations on how to strengthen that integration at the national level.
・it suggests ways that the Climate Change and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) (an international partnership promoting action on SLCPs) the Asia Pacific Clean Air Partnership (APCAP) (a regional initiative promote science-based solutions to air pollution) can support integration at the national level.
It is hoped that findings from this analysis will not only prove useful to countries that are already incorporating SLCPs into their NDCs but other countries (in and beyond Asia) considering integrating SLCPs into NDCs
and other sector-specific or subnational climate actions. The study draws upon an examination of original INDC/NDC text submitted to UNFCC as well as interviews and follow-up surveys with policymakers.