Institutional Settings and Governance

In The Climate Technology Progress Report 2023
Chapter: Chapter 4 Institutional Settings and Governance
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Understanding institutional settings and governance processes is critical to the effective delivery of climate technology solutions for low-carbon and climate-resilient development in Asian cities. Creating the appropriate enabling environment for the development and transfer of climate technologies becomes imperative in this context. This requires unpacking the complex social, political, institutional, regulatory and financial dimensions that play a defining role in shaping the ability of national actors to successfully govern processes of technological change (TEC 2022; CTPR 2022). Sustainability transition is an interdisciplinary field, aimed at understanding long- term, non-linear socio-technical changes (Kovacic and Benini 2022). This lens is used to guide the analysis in this chapter on institutional aspects and governance in the context of climate technologies in Asian cities, because it enables an analysis of the deep structural and systemic shifts that are required for cities to better anticipate and adapt to increasingly dynamic and complex challenges posed by climate change and development needs.

Marie Blanche