Measuring Capacity Progress in Climate Transparency. A Framework to Inform Future Work.

Working Paper
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The objective of this paper is to identify relevant indicators and highlight the current availability of data to support collection of indicators for measuring and evaluating transparency capacity under the GST. It is fair to question, why after all these years of international capacity-building do many countries, particularly developing countries, still face challenges in regularly submitting climate information? What can the international community do to best support countries in meeting the obligations of the ETF?.

The measurement framework presented in this paper should foster further research on measuring climate transparency capacity, to answer these questions, and thereby improve the efficacy of investments in climate transparency capacity building. Measuring this capacity will also improve the communication of capacity information domestically and internationally. This will hopefully lead to more efficient and effective identification of needs and equitable prioritization and allocation of capacity-building transparency support. At the same time, increasing informed domestic policy-making and actions that address capacity constraints. These improvements will support future evaluation of capacity through the GST process.