Towards Asia Plastic Outlook (Proposal for Developing Flagship Publication among OECD, ERIA and IGES)

Event: 3rd Meeting of ERIA’s Experts Working Group on Marine Plastic Debris
Date: November 8-9, 2022 (Jakarta)

ERIA and IGES organized the 3rd Meeting of  ERIA’s Experts Working Group on Marine Plastic Debris on November 8-9, 2022 in Jakarta at ERIA HQ.

During the meeting, OECD's new workstream to develop Asia-Pacific version of Plastic Outlook. The experts, IGES and ERIA agreed that it will be a good opportunity to have a regiional assessment on plastic consumption and waste generation in the region. The group will collaborate with ERIA, IGES and OECD for data verification, policy analysis and priority issues for the region.

The Asian version of the OECD’s “Global Plastics Outlook” will contain a strong data-based explanation of the status quo, the projections of plastic production and consumption patterns in the future, and possible policy approaches for a transition to circular approaches. The report which is expected to be published by 2024 will be presented to the ASEAN Secretariat as their flagship policy recommendation for the region.