The IGES Proposal for Rio+20

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Discussion Paper
The IGES Proposal for Rio+20

This proposal has been developed in response to the call by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) for stakeholders’ input to a compilation document to serve as the basis for preparation of the zero draft of the outcome document of the United Nations Conference for Sustainable Development (UNCSD: Rio+20). The views and opinions contained within are based upon IGES research and include inputs from various international conferences, such as the 3rd International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP2011).

The IGES Proposal highlights key messages from the experience of the post‐disaster reconstruction in Japan and for the two themes of Rio+20, namely Green Economy (GE) in the Context of Poverty Eradication and Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development (IFSD). Each section incorporates answers to the questions raised by UNDESA’s Guidance Note, including the expectations for the outcomes of Rio+20 and views on the existing concrete and new proposals, by considering forward‐looking perspectives on what to do post‐Rio+20.


[Updated log]
1 Nov. 2011: Submitted to the UNDESA (Rio+20 Secretariat)
Oct. 2011: Draft prepared for the occasion of the UNCSD Asia-Pacific Regional Preparatory Meeting
Sep.2011: Draft prepared for the occation of the Sixteenth Senior Officials Meeting of NEASPEC