International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP2017) Summary Report

Event: International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP2017)
Conference Proceeding
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ISAP is an annual forum aiming to promote diverse discussions on sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific, with the participation of front-line experts and stakeholders from governments, international organisations, business and NGOs. The ninth ISAP was organised by IGES and UNU-IAS.

As the world works towards implementing the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda with its accompanying Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), positive action is being taken not just at the national government level, but by a wide range of stakeholders including cities, businesses and financial institutions. It is going to take a fundamental shift in our entire socio-economic system to achieve a decarbonised society and sustainable development – we will need to change our lifestyles, our behaviours, and even our values and norms.

ISAP2017 was the ideal opportunity for multiple stakeholders to share their viewpoints and knowledge, and to forge a shared vision for the future we want, creating narratives to convey our message. Participants deepened the discussion on how to move initiatives forward, with the focus firmly on sustainability for the transformation of socio-economic systems.