Groundwater Environment in Tokyo, Japan

In Groundwater Environment in Asian Cities: Concepts, Methods, and Case Studies
Chapter: 1st Edition
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Groundwater has been a traditional source of water supply in Japan for a long period of time. After the country entered a rapid phase of industrialization and urbanization, there was an obvious increase in the pressures on the groundwater environment. Uncontrolled abstraction of groundwater
soon led to the emergence of problems such as drawdown of water tables, saline water intrusion near the Tokyo Bay area, and land subsidence. The Tokyo government managed to overcome all of these problems by introducing hard and soft measures. Modern issues such as the impacts of climate change, groundwater seepage to underground infrastructure, and micropollutant contamination have recently emerged. The case of Tokyo could be a valuable lesson for other Asian cities to not only help solve their immediate problems, but also to help in promoting the sustainable use of groundwater and in considering natural recharge, discharge, and water quality problems.

Vishnu Prasad Pandey