Greening Governance in Asia-Pacific

Once every two years, IGES releases a white paper focusing on key policy agendas in the Asia-Pacific region. The Fourth IGES White Paper, entitled "Greening Governance in Asia-Pacific" examines innovative approaches to governance and institutions that have emerged from the region and recommends governance arrangements and policy solutions to accelerate the transition to a green economy, and argues that, without significant governance reform in Asia-Pacific, global sustainable development will remain an under-implemented ideal rather than a new reality.


-Executive Summary

-Chapter 1: Asia-Pacific, Green Economy, and Institutions for Sustainable Development

-Chapter 2: Strengthening Governance for Environment and Sustainable Development: The potential for a capacity and information exchange platform in Asia-Pacific

-Chapter 3: Forging Policy and Institutional Frameworks to Promote Access to Environmental Information

-Chapter 4: Green Economy and Domestic Carbon Governance in Asia

-Chapter 5: Community Forest Management and REDD+: Opportunities and challenges

-Chapter 6: Achieving Environmentally Sound Development in Asia through the Transfer of Low Carbon Technology

-Chapter 7: Networking Cities for Better Environmental Management: How networking functions can enhance local initiatives

-Chapter 8: Policy Framework for International Collaboration towards Sustainable Resource Circulation and Management in Asia

-Chapter 9: Conclusions