G20 Report on Actions against Marine Plastic Litter: First Information Sharing based on the G20 Implementation Framework

Policy Report
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Under the G20 Implementation Framework, the G20 members will facilitate the implementation of the G20 members’ actions in line with the G20 Action Plan on Marine Litter based on respective national policies, approaches and circumstances. The G20 members will also share and update information on relevant policies, plans, and measures taken/to be taken on a voluntary basis, and promote policies and measures by peer leaning from best practices.

In light of these results, this report was prepared on the occasion of the follow up meeting of the G20 Implementation Framework for Actions on Marine Plastic Litter, which was held in Tokyo, utilizing the opportunity of the G20 Resource Efficiency Dialogue, 9-11 October 2019, hosted by the MOEJ. This has become a first opportunity of information sharing on actions to address marine plastic litter after the Framework was established. This report is expected to contribute to promoting national policies and measures among not only the G20 members, also non-G20 members.

Ministry of the Environment of Japan