Understanding Flood Vulnerabilities in Lao PDR and Myanmar and their Implications for Disaster Risk Reduction

Event: Livelihood and climate change resilience with reference to flood hazards
Date: 3 Nov 2021, New Delhi, india
Flood vulnerabilities

Flood risks are on the rise in many ASEAN countries and understanding and addressing underlying vulnerabilities and sensitivities assume importance for an effective risk reduction. Given the multi-faceted nature of flood vulnerabilities, a mixed-methods approach is necessary to consider both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of vulnerabilities. The JAIF-funded project implemented in Lao PDR and Myanmar was implemented at the river basin level. Household surveys were conducted to collect information on socio-economic flood vulnerabilities as well as the flood vulnerability functions (damage functions) for the purpose of flood risk assessment using modelling techniques. This presentation elaborates results obtained from the project and informs how to use this information for disaster risk reduction purposes.