Finding a Place for Promoting Sustainable Consumption under Korea's Green Growth Agenda: An assessment of governmental strategies in a growth oriented approach

In Korean Society
Volume (Issue): 14/2
Peer-reviewed Article
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This research paper investigates the question of how governmental capacities can be better enacted to promote Sustainable Consumption under the Low Carbon Green Growth strategy in the Republic of Korea. It examines the strategies of the national government towards sustainability in 2010-2011 based on its Green Growth focus. The findings demonstrate that the rise of Green Growth caused an overall de-prioritisation of sustainable development and has led to confusion over the roles that leading agencies are expected to play. The interview analysis proves that civil society organisations and NGOs in Korea have a strong capacity in promoting Sustainable Consumption, which could be greatly supported through better government-civil society partnerships. Recommendations from interviewees were made for supporting public participation through lateral partnerships, and the need to overcome human resource limitations on Sustainable Consumption at the level of national government is also identified. A capacity assessment is also conducted to identify the valuable leverage points for strengthening Education for Sustainable Consumption implementation and policy integration from which recommendations are developed for strengthening the government’s approach on Education for Sustainable Consumption promotion.