Environment Is the Weakest Link in SDGs Indicators

Commentary (Op. Ed)

Following last year’s agreement over the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), much of the international community’s attention has focused on what data would be needed to assess progress on the new development agenda. Answering this question has proven challenging. Part of the challenge stems from the sizable difficulties of gathering quality data over extended time periods across many countries. Since the Interagency and Expert Group on the SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDG) was formed to arrive at a global framework of indicators, many reviews have highlighted the difficulties of locating quality cross-national time series data. After the second IAEG-SDG meeting, for instance, some lamented that only 42% of indicators could be classified as “Tier I…with an established methodology and regularly accessible data (Dunning and Kalow 2016).” But as challenging as this process has been for the indicators generally, greater difficulties have arisen for environmental indicators specifically.
Full text is available at: https://www.iges.or.jp/en/sdgs/commentary/20161014.html