Enhanced institutional arrangements for the Enhanced Transparency Framework

Event: Workshop for sharing lessons learned from the JCM implementation in Asia and Pacific
Date: March 8, 2018

This presentation aims to illustrate possible issues to be addressed in enhancing institutional arrangements to meet the possible requirements under the so-called “Paris Rulebook”, especially related to Article 4, Article 6, and Article 13 of the Paris Agreement. It focuses on the existing practice of reporting the use of international market mechanisms by developing countries (Non-Annex I Parties to the Kyoto Protocol) in the context of national reporting (National Communications and Biennial Update Report) and their gaps for meeting new reporting and accounting needs under the Paris Agreement's Article 6 and Enhanced Transparency Framework. Through this presentation, the author proposed potential ways to fill the identified gaps focusing on an enhanced domestic institutional arrangements, supported by international guidance for reporting.

The proposed ways to enhance institutional arrangements for reporting covers three aspects:

  1. Guidance on reporting elements
    More detailed reporting guidance (e.g. template) are needed by countries to help institutional arrangements, e.g. for effective data collection process.

  2. Institutional arrangements to build ownership for overall reporting
    - Reporting of market mechanisms can be integrated with the arrangements for preparation of inventory to create effective process
    - Capacity building activities and improvement planning on institutional arrangements for reporting can focus on enhancing stakeholders engagement and building capacity of country staffs and system.
    - There are various identified ways to enhance institutional arrangements.

  3. Preparation of national report in a collaborative and iterative way will enhance reporting under the new ETF
    Collaboration between coordinators of market mechanisms and national reporting are key for enhancing reporting and meet the ETF requirements, including for reporting the use of market mechanisms.


This presentation was made as part of the Project on “International market mechanisms and transparency under the Paris Agreement” of IGES and UNFCCC-RCC, supported by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan. Following in-country consultations, representatives of four countries attended a regional knowledge sharing workshop and shared their understanding of and interest in reporting on the use of international market mechanisms, including avoidance of double counting, and discussed common challenges and the way forward. Report of this workshop is available on the URL shown below.