Effects of indicator selection on SDG interlinkages analysis -An example of Target 13.2 on integrated climate policies-

In An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Development through SDG Interlinkages
Chapter: 6
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Main Messages
- The availability of good indicators and the selection of indicators with quality data critically affect the results and associated policy implications of quantitative assessments in general and the SDG interlinkages analysis in particular.
- For the existing IGES SDG interlinkages analysis, many proxy indicators were used due to the unavailability of well-developed indicators or a lack of trackable data, including the indicator for Target 13.2 (integrate climate change measures into national policies, strategies, and planning), one of the important targets under Goal 13 (climate action).
- The overall objective of Target 13.2 is to mitigate national GHG emissions effectively. Effective monitoring of Target 13.2 at the national level, for instance, needs to consider two aspects. One is the status of the existing climate policies in terms of how many and what kind of policies were adopted and are being implemented. The other is the outcomes of policy integration, particularly for mitigation actions such as energy intensity and CO2 emissions from the energy sector.
- This Chapter proposed an alternative climate policy index which aggregates the selected policymaking indicators (number of policies) and policy outcome indicators (data of energy intensity and CO2 emission from energy use) and demonstrated its effectiveness in measuring Target 13.2 and the appropriateness for assessing the interlinkages between Target 13.2 and other targets.
- For effective measuring the progress in achieving the SDGs in general and the quantification of SDG interlinkages in particular, quality indicators with reliable data are crucial. Great efforts at the both the national and international levels are needed to improve the indicators.


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