Eco-Economy: Dialogue with Lester R. Brown

In International Review for Environmental Strategies (IRES) Volume 3 Number 1(Summer 2002)
Peer-reviewed Article

On 10 April 2002, the International Review for Environmental Strategies (IRES) had the opportunity to hold a dialogue with Lester R. Brown in Tokyo and to gain some insights into his views on sustainable development. Brown reinforced the importance of a paradigm shift from the fossil fuel-based economy to the solar-hydrogen-based economy-the eco-economy-and the importance of seeing the economy as part of the eco-system, explaining that deterioration of the environment leads to losses in the economy. He sees hope for the future in new technologies, such as fuel cell engines and hydrogen cars. He also presented his opinions on the controversial issue of globalization. He sees an important role for research institutes like IGES in focusing on sustainable environment, educating people, and helping them to understand that building an eco-economy is possible. Brown warned that if humanity does not succeed in building an environmentally sustainable eco-economy, there is no hope for future generation

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Lester R. Brown