Driving Mechanism for Chinese Companies to Practice Green Supply Chain Management and the Induced Performance Changes

Event: 2011 Asian Conference of Management Science & Applications
Date: December 21-23, 2011

Using the data collected from 165 companies based in the Yangtze River delta of China, this paper analyzes the driving mechanisms of green supply chain management (GSCM). The valid respondents are classified as laggard practitioners and advanced practitioners by a cluster analysis of the scores presented to the pre-defined twelve GSCM activities. Multivariate regression analyses indicate different driving models for these two groups of companies. GSCM of laggard companies are driven by the regulatory pressures and the client’s demands but restricted by the company’s capacities. The GSCM levels of advanced companies may be attributed to the company’s business strategies for development. The business competitor’s performance and top management support are identified as influential factors. This paper also confirms that GSCM practices help the improvement of environmental performances of the companies especially in terms of the reduction of pollutant emissions and the increase of employee’s environmental awareness.

Yanli Dong