Development of Work Plan for Reducing SLCPs from MSWM in Surabaya, Indonesia

Commissioned Report

Under the CCAC Waste initiative Surabaya, Indonesia undertook a rapid city assessment with the technical assistance of IGES in 2014. The outcomes of the assessment highlighted various issues in the city. In order to deepen understanding of Surabaya City‘s issues, a study has been undertaken to develop a work plan towards improving Surabaya City’s solid waste management system and, by extension, lowering SLCP emissions during the period of 2015-2017. The objectives of this study are:
1. Develop a work plan for implementation of community-based SWM and 3R activities
2. Develop work plan to improve temporary disposal sites into intermediate waste recycling facilities
3. Develop work plan for promotion of composting for organic waste recycling
4. Develop work plan for improving the final waste disposal site