Development of the framework of CCET Guideline Series on MSWM

Event: 3RINCs
Date: 28 February 2019, Bangkok, Thailand
Conference Proceeding

In order to assist policymakers and implementers at the national and city level to select and implement appropriate waste management technologies for improving the waste management, CCET (IGES Centre Collaborating with UNEP on Environmental Technologies) aims to develop a series of waste management guidelines on the targeted subjects related to the integrated municipal solid waste management (IMSWM), which include composting, Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT), Anaerobic Digester (AD), and Waste-to-Energy (Incineration). As the key concepts of this series, (1) it is a user-friendly knowledge product that provides clear, concise and inclusive points, which makes it easy to identify desirable options at a glance; (2) it has been developed from a “resource perspective” rather than a “waste treatment perspective” based on 3R concept and waste hierarchy; (3) it addresses both the physical (technical) elements (collection, disposal, recycling) as well as the ‘soft’ aspects (governance, public awareness and participation, institutional and financial aspects) toward social involvement; (4) it is supported by good practices; and also (5) it is supported by a brief review of the related existing works of literature and information. This paper describes the background, the main purpose, key concept, content and structure of this guideline series.