Actionable Recommendations and Ambitious Directions for Restoring Planetary Health in the COVID-19 Era: IGES Position Paper 3.0

Submission to Policy Process
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COVID-19’s wide-ranging social, environmental, and economic impacts has led to calls for policymakers to restore planetary health.  The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies’ (IGES) COVID-19 position paper 3.0 aims to help policymakers translate support for a healthy planet into actionable recommendations and ambitious policy directions.  After a review of the core concepts of planetary health and One Health, the paper offers recommendations related to green and blue issues--ecosystems and water systems. It then offers suggestions on how to maintain modest momentum in allocating stimulus funds to interventions to address brown and grey issues--protecting the climate and curbing air pollution. The paper concludes by reflecting on how to integrate protecting ecosystems and the climate while also ensuring developing countries and disadvantaged stakeholders are not left behind in the process.