UNFCCC COP26 and Glasgow Climate Pact: Sceptically Optimistic Outcome

Commentary (Op. Ed)
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This year's biggest climate change pilgrimage, the UNFCCC COP26 , concluded with several decisions, including the “Glasgow Climate Pact ”, and other announcements on the sidelines. These came after two weeks of long discussions and heated negotiations amid youth-led mass protests outside the COP venue. COP26 ended by disappointing those anticipating bolder ambitions, but signalling a major leap in the eyes of others, in particular, the COP26 presidency.  This commentary reviews the major outcomes and contrasts it with the challenges ahead for implementing the pledges made at COP26. As a way forward, author suggests dedicated focus on 2030 with annual milestones in the revised NDCs to be submitted at COP27 in order to accelerate actions and meet required emission reductions as well as effectively adapt the impacts of climate change.