Climate Variability and Change-and Freshwater Management

In International Review for Environmental Strategies (IRES) Volume3 Number2 (Winter 2002)
Peer-reviewed Article

Natural climate variability has a direct and fundamental bearing on water resources and their management, which are also likely to be strongly impacted by long-term climate change. This paper provides an overview of the relationship between climate variability and change and the management of freshwater resources, including the impacts of climate variability and change on water resources and the steps that can be taken to cope with climate variability and adapt to climate change. The paper argues that Integrated Water Resources Management should be the encompassing paradigm for coping with natural climate variability and the prerequisite for adapting to the highly uncertain consequences of global warming and associated climate change.

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Pavel Kabat
R.E. Schulze
M.E. Hellmuth
J.A. Veraart
Roberto Lenton