Climate Policy Dialogue in Asia -Voice from Asian Countries-

Conference Proceeding

IGES Climate Policy Project has organized a series of international workshops to facilitate
in-depth analysis and discussion on climate change issues with the focus on the Asia pacific
region. The workshops has been jointly organized with UNEP Collaboration Center of Energy
and Environment (UCCEE), Denmark, Energy Research Institute(ERI) of China, and Korea
Environment Institute (KEI) of Korea, TATA Energy Research institute(TERI), Thailand
Environmental Research Institute(TEI) and National Environmental Agency of Vietnam.
Five workshops were held in China, Korea, India, Thailand and Vietnam.

The objectives to hold this series of workshops is;
1) to discuss the relevant issues to cope with climate change issues,
2) to find common issues to cope with climate change for Asian countries, which will be
expected to be the largest CO2 emission areas,
3) to highlight different situations and needs among Asian countries,
4) to elaborate further collaboration among Asian countries.