Climate-Fragility Risks (CFRs) in Asia: Stakeholder Perspectives

Event: 8th RACC: Building Consensus for Action on Climate Threats: Preventing new risk, Reducing existing risk and Strengthening resilience
Date: 1 October 2016

This presentation talks about the emerging concerns about the climate-fragility risks in Asia. The presentation provides a snapshot of the current affairs in terms of prioritized climate-fragility risks and introduces the results of a structured questionnaire survey conducted on this subject in collaboration with adelphi, Germany. Further, the presentation goes deeper into specific climate-fragility risks that are particularly relevant for the Asian region especially development-disasters nexus, internal displacement, and related conflicts, food price fluctuations, transboundary resource conflicts. The presentation ends with a summary of way forward to address some of the climate-fragility risks discussed. For a detailed text on this presentation, the reader can refer to….