Climate Fragility Risks (CFR) In Development Sectors: Six Principles for Managing Synergies and Trade-Offs

Research Report
Climate fragility risks

Climate change impacts on natural and human systems are increasing. Often affecting fragile economic, social and political systems, climate change is considered to be a serious ‘threat multiplier’. In this document, the risks on these existing systems are understood as climate fragility risks (CFRs). Considering CFRs in the development sector is necessary in order to address an important layer of additional current and future risks, which are largely not well understood or taken into consideration in the present development programming. The CFRs approach proposed in this document is aimed at ensuring that no one is left behind, through addressing the disproportionality that climate change impacts bring. This document proposes six principles to manage CFRs in key development sectors, namely: implement an interdisciplinary approach focus on vulnerable groups promote preventive and adaptive measures enhance inclusive and participatory governance allocate and manage finances for CFR effectively and efficiently build resilient and green infrastructure

Ishiwatari, Mikio; Djalante, Riyanti; Mavrodieva, Aleksandrina; Gomez, Oscar; Wataya, Eiko; Shaw, Rajib