Circular Economy and Plastics: A Gap-Analysis in ASEAN Member States

Policy Report
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Plastic pollution is one of the biggest global threats. Plastics use and waste have been rapidly growing, in particularly emerging Asia. Southeast Asia, with its high population density, strong economic dynamism, and generally inadequate waste management systems, is a hotspot for the challenges. 

With this as a background, ASEAN and the EU have agreed to work together to address the challenges through exchange of policy experiences, technical advice, and capacity strengthening. 

This study is undertaken under the "Enhanced Regional EU-ASEAN Dialogue Instrument" (E-READI), a European Union cooperation programme that facilitates dialogues between the EU and ASEAN on policy areas across all three ASEAN Community pillars. The analysis proposes a number of regional initiatives that would support the implementation of the ASEAN Framework of Action on Marine Debris.