Localizing and mainstreaming global initiatives on water, climate change, and sustainability

In Water, Climate Change, and Sustainability
Chapter: 1
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Various drivers such as population growth, land use/cover change, unsustainable consumption pattern, and climate change are putting pressure on limited resources available within our planetary boundaries, thus, raising concerns on their sustainability. Coordinated actions at levels ranging from global to local are required to ensure sustainability goals are achieved. A large number of global initiatives exists at global level to address sustainability challenges. They have direct or indirect links with water and climate. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Climate Agreement (PCA) are the two recent initiatives agreed around five years ago by the global community. Since then, various efforts have been taken to transfer these global aspirations into practice. Localizing and mainstreaming these global goals have become indispensable to ensure effective implementation in the remaining 10 years, though countries are facing challenges with it. This chapter sheds light on sustainability challenges and global initiatives in general, and water and climate change in particular; discusses how water and climate change have evolved as global agendas; and then sheds light on formulation and governance of the SDGs, including the link of SDG6 (i.e. clean water and sanitation) with other 16 SDGs. Finally, considerations for achieving the SDGs and challenges and opportunities associated with localizing the global initiatives such as SDGs and PCA are discussed. The considerations include advancing science, technology, and innovations; making coherent policies and programs across the sectors; investment in technology and data to drive improvements; promoting science‐policy interface; and building/strengthening both institutional and human capacities.

Vishnu Prasad