Car sharing through collaboration between an NGO, a city, and a private company, Fukuoka, Japan

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Discussion Paper

Strategy: Development of environmentally sustainable transport systems in urban areas
Environmental areas: Climate change, air pollution, urban environment
Critical instruments: Economic instruments, organisational arrangements, partnerships, technologies
Country: Japan
Location: Fukuoka
Participants: West Japan Ecology Network (NGO), Kyushu Electric Power Company (company), Fukuoka City (city government), local residents' association
Duration: 2002 - ongoing (three-year project)
Funding: Funding was provided by the Kyushu Electric Power Company and Fukuoka City. The company donated 80 million yen (U.S.$747,280) to cover the cost of leasing 20 vehicles, constructing parking stations, and developing the system.1 The Fukuoka city government provides free lending of ten electric vehicles, which is approximately equivalent to 40 million yen (U.S.$373,640).


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