Capacity Building and Policy Needs Assessment on Sustainable Consumption and Production

Book Chapter

This report describes a collaborative study, which aimed to identify existing capacities and capacity strengthening needs for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) policies, and to review existing environmental policy tools in a range of developing countries in Asia. The study identified priorities for capacity strengthening on a regional and sub-regional level and for specific countries, and the report provides suggestions for the development of additional policy tools. The study was undertaken in consultation with national ministries relevant to SCP (including environment, industry, economy and finance, trade, development and planning) and also involved international organizations, donor agencies, civil society organizations and the private sector. It aimed to identify specific country needs regarding SCP policy development and implementation. The study team reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of national SCP policies and other policies relevant to SCP, and helped to identify capacity constraints of key bodies (ministries, sectoral and consumer associations, and the private sector). The researchers also reviewed existing environmental policy tools (laws, agreements, economic instruments, and voluntary initiatives) that aim to enable SCP and resource efficiency.

Schandl, Heinz
Foran, Tira
Hosking, Karin