Biofuels Data and Social Accounting Matrices Prepared for Policy Assessment Models based on the GTAP 7 Data Base

Government policies promoting biofuels will have economic impacts on different sectors, especially agriculture, transportation and fossil fuels, as well as social impacts on employment, particularly in rural areas in developing countries. To assess these economy-wide impacts within a country or among countries, CGE models are usually considered as an appropriate framework.

The purpose of this work is to provide biofuels data of major production and consumption countries for the construction of national social accounting matrix (SAM) in 18 economies based on the GTAP 7 Data Base.

The main works include: (i) data collection for the feedstocks, unit production costs, quantity of production, consumption and trade, taxes and subsidies; (ii) separation of biofuels production from relevant sectors in the GTAP 7 Data Base; and (iii) construction of SAMs for 18 economies. This report provides detailed explanations on how to build the data from available information sources.