Awareness and acceptability of companies on market-based instruments for energy saving: a survey study in Taicang, China

In Journal of Cleaner Production
Volume (Issue): 39
Peer-reviewed Article

This paper measures the company’s awareness and acceptability of market-based instruments (MBIs) for energy saving, and identifies their relationships with pre-classified determinants. The data were collected from 121 respondents in Taicang, China, with almost all of them being small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The surveyed companies indicate moderate awareness of MBIs at present. Market competition is confirmed to function as a driver for the companies to collect strategic information and thus enhance their policy awareness. The samples with higher education level of employees indicate higher awareness of MBIs. In contrast to the regulative polices, MBIs and voluntary approaches are more appreciated by the companies. The companies in the survey area prefer to make internal efforts in response to energy cost increases due to the implementation of carbon pricing policies and are reluctant to simply transfer the policy burden to their customers. Empirical evidences on the conditions for policy success from this study are meaningful for supporting further progress of industrial energy saving policies in China.