Analysis on National Policy for Sustainable Forest Management in Indonesia

Event: INDONESIA - JAPAN 60th ANNIVERSARY SEMINAR FOR FOREST SECTOR Changing Paradigm of Forestry Policy in Indonesia: “Toward Promotion of Community-based Sustainable Forest Management”
Date: 28 June 2018, International Conference Center, Waseda Univ.
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- Major source of log production in Indonesia has shifted from logging concession (mainly Meranti) to industrial tree plantations (mainly Acacia) and tree-farming (mainly Sengon) in past two decades. - Natural forest logging concession can produce valuable logs and maintain high levels of biodiversity. Continued efforts are needed to achieve sustainability. - Industrial tree plantations are highly productive by volume, but this wood is mostly for chip and pulp and cannot substitute for the high-value timber from natural forest. - Tree-farming by small-holders outside the Forest Zone has become an alternative source for sawn-wood and plywood, and is growing.

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