Sustainability Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa II: Insights from Eastern and Southern Africa

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The aim of this two-volume book series is to highlight some of the most pervasive sustainability challenges that Sub-Saharan Africa faces. The two volumes contain 20 chapters that illustrate very diverse sustainability challenges throughout the continent, adopting interdisciplinary and problem-oriented research approaches, and methods from the natural and the social sciences. The very diverse case study chapters are put into perspective with chapters that introduce key sustainability challenges using a regional focus. Through this multi-scale and interdisciplinary approach the two volumes provide an authoritative source about the major sustainability challenges in the continent, and how to mobilise such perspectives to develop appropriate solutions. The two volumes have a uniquely broad focus that fills a major gap in the emerging Sustainability Science scholarship.

Parts I-II highlight specific case studies on major sustainability challenges from Eastern and Southern Africa. Part III synthesizes the main lessons learnt from the chapters in the two edited volumes.