Advancing Effectiveness of Climate Adaptation

Policy Brief
Adaptation effectiveness

Evaluating the effectiveness of adaptation policies and actions is key to understanding whether they have reduced climate risks and achieved other intended outcomes. The goals are to ensure that adaptation is adequate to address climate risks, do not foster negative unintended consequences over space and time, and inform adaptation financing. The goal of this WASP Science for-Adaptation Policy Brief (SAPB) is to enhance the understanding of the effectiveness of climate adaptation by elucidating the dynamic framing for adaptation policy and action, identifying areas where approaches for ensuring adaptation effectiveness have advanced, highlighting adaptation effectiveness in international and national policymaking and measuring adaptation effectiveness of actions on the ground.

De Mel
Arteaga, E., Chen, M., Desanker, P., Dookie, D., Gilmore, E., Magnan, A., Michael, K., Neufeldt, H., Patwardhan, A., Wei, L. and Zambrano, C.