Online Shopping Behavior and Its Impact on Residential Waste: A case Study Online Shopping Foods and Groceries in Bandung city, Indonesia

In Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
Volume (Issue): 13
Peer-reviewed Article

Online shopping is growing in the last decade and change consumer buying behavior in retailing industries. These technology-enabled services improve efficiency and provide multiple options for purchasing which may affect consumption behavior and lifestyle. This article aims to explore the impact of online shopping especially on foods and groceries and its impact on household consumption and waste in Bandung city, Indonesia. We applied bivariate probit model to examine the influence of household attributes, perceive evaluation on online system, and habitual on consumption and its impact on probability of inclining consumption, distance to purchase foods and goods and finally on the waste dispose from household. Although empirical study couldn’t capture inclining consumption due to online shopping and it isn’t yet convenience for elderly people, however, we found clear correlation between household consumption and distance to buy foods and groceries; volume of waste and type of waste disposed from home.