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Kick-Off Workshop Co-Benefit Study in Transportation Sector for Semarang City

The Role of CitiesDr. Wiwandari leading the discussion

The Kick-Off Workshop Co-Benefit Study in the Transportation Sector for Semarang City was held on Thursday, 28 July 2016 at the Grand Edge Hotel. The meeting was the initial workshop for the strategy implementation phase for the 100RC Semarang program. The workshop was attended by 29 participants from local governments, academica, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Japan, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand, as well as community members. The workshop was designed to enhance communication and cooperation with local stakeholders as part of the follow up for the implementation phase of the Semarang 100RC programme.

Semarang launched the City Resilient Strategy (CRS) document on 23 May, 2016. There are six pillar strategies listed in the CRS Document, including integrated mobility. To implement the integrated mobility strategy, Semarang is seeking to make public transportation facilities more compatible with the needs of disabled people, as well as ensuring it is environmentally sustainable. This is supported by IGES as one of the platform partners in 100RC programme. The kick-off workshop for co-benefits study in the transportation sector is being funded by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ) and it is the initial activity to follow up the implementation plan.

Speakers at the workshop included Dr. Junichi Fujino and Dr. Sudarmanto Budi Nugroho from IGES, Ms. Mega Anggraeni, communication manager of CRO Semarang team, Mr. Muhammad Luthfi from Semarang Development Planning Agency, Dr. Didin Agustian from AIT, and Dr. Haryono Setyo Huboyo from Diponegoro University. The speakers provided an overview of the 100RC programme and plans towards its implementation phase, and shared information related to transportation.

IGES representative, Dr. Fujino, shared learnings and experiences from Toyama city which is also the first city in Japan to join the 100RC programme. IGES discussed the importance of reducing local pollution as well as greenhouse gases (GHG) in the transportation sector. Ms. Mega from CRO member presented about 100RC Semarang and Mr. Muhammad Luthfi explained about Semarang City Transportation Profile. A representative from AIT reflected on how to develop an emissions inventory for on-road transportation in Semarang City, and Dr. Haryono from UNDIP presented about the co-benefit study in the transportation sector. As this was an interactive workshop, participants provided some inputs based on their experiences to build an effective strategy implementation.

An inclusive process will be needed in the implementation phase. In the implementation process as a follow-up to the workshop, Semarang will collaborate with a local university in Semarang as well as government agencies. There will be support by the students of UNDIP. The research collaboration for a co-benefit study in the transportation sector will provide the impetus for the implementation of integrated mobility strategy.

  • Group Photo Session
  • Remarks from CRO of Semarang
  • Presentation by IGES
Date 28 July 2016
Venue Grand Edge Hotel, Semarang, Indonesia
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