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Activities Date Venue
2nd Asia Pacific Water Summit: TECHNICAL SESSION IWRM 2: Groundwater in IWRM - options and lessons 16 May 2013 Chiang Mai, Thailand
IGES attended Asia Water Week 2013 13-15 March 2013 ADB, Manila, the Philippines
Inception meeting of ADB and UNESCO-IHE Knowledge Partnership Project: Comparative Research of Groundwater Management in the Coastal Areas in Southeast Asia 3-7 December 2012 Delft, The Netherlands
Launch Meeting entitled “Bringing a Groundwater Agenda to the Surface” 2-3 June 2011 Bangkok, Thailand
Pre-launch workshop entitled “Groundwater: Myths and Reality” for young professionals 1 June 2011 Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand
Workshop to Promote Sustainable Groundwater Development in Mewat District, Hariyana, India

The workshop was organised to discuss and collect feedback on the preliminary findings of an ongoing study on groundwater in Mewat District, Hariyana by IGES Freshwater-Sub Group and TERI University (as a local collaborator). There were 18 participants in total, representing local government agencies, local NGOs, the Indian Institute of Technology, and TERI University. Two researchers from IGES, Dr. Bhim Nath Acharya and Dr. Bijon Kumer Mitra, were in attendance.

Freshwater in Mewat, a semi-arid area, is naturally scarce. There is increasing pressure on limited groundwater resources available in saline as well as freshwater aquifers. The workshop identified a number of key areas to promote sustainable groundwater development, such as institutional arrangements and stakeholder coordination, rainwater harvesting and recharge, injection wells, water-conserving irrigation, salinity tolerance, and low water requirement crops in the agricultural sector.

25 March 2011 TERI University, New Delhi, India
Participation in the ADB and Partners Conference 2010 ("Water: Crisis and Choices")
In the conference, IGES displayed its outreach materials in the Knowledge Hub booth. During the conference IGES also held a meeting with Ramon Alikpala, Knowledge Hub Secretariat to discuss about IGES future activities (such as upcoming launch meeting of the Knowledge Hub for Groundwater Management and potential areas for research collaboration). In the conference IGES also held meetings with Ganesh Pangare, Water Programme Coordinator - Asia, IUCN and Peter Letitre, Director, International Groundwater Resource Assessment Center (IGRAC).
11-15 October 2010 ADB, Manila, Philippines
Planning Meeting on Knowledge Hub for Groundwater Management
July 2010 Japan
Water KnowledgeHubs Learning Week

IGES participated in the learning week at ADB, Manila where representatives from existing water knowledge hubs participated by sharing experiences of running knowledge hubs and engaging in planned activities. The workshop included exercises, an exposure trip, and interactive lecture presentations on various aspects of knowledge networking. During the meeting, a time was arranged with ADB staff to learn about ongoing ADB projects (such as TA) in different countries and potential involvement of knowledge hubs in the project. IGES held a separate discussion with the following ADB members of staff to learn about ADB experiences on groundwater projects:

  1. Ian W. Makin, Senior Water Resources Management Specialist, Southeast Asia Department
  2. Kenichi Yokoyama, Principal Water Resources Management Specialist, South Asia Department
  3. Arnaud Cauchois, Senior Water Resources Management Specialist, South Asia Department
As a part of an exercise, each knowledge hub, including IGES, also prepared and presented a strategic plan of their respective hub.

Workshop programme PDF43KB

19-23 April 2010 ADB, Manila, Philippines
Ongoing/completed IGES projects:
Project Year
Water Resources Situation Analysis to Promote Sustainable Groundwater Development in Mewat District, Hariyana, India

Local collaborator: Dr. Devesh Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Natural Resources, TERI University, New Delhi, India
Summary of the project PDF160KB

A Study on Groundwater Arsenic Contamination in Cambodia

Local collaborator: Mr. Mao Saray, Director, Department of Rural Water Supply, Ministry of Rural Development, Cambodia
Summary of the project PDF299KB
Presentation by Mr. Mao Saray PDF354KB


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