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IGES as a Knowledge Hub
The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) was established in 1998 to conduct pragmatic and innovative strategic policy research to support sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region. IGES aims to influence the policy-making processes of international organisations as well as national and local governments, and the activities of businesses, NGOs and local citizens. IGES, through its Freshwater (FW) Sub-group, has conducted research on groundwater management since 2004. IGES has been conducting studies on both groundwater quality and quantity issues in both urban and rural areas of the region, and is building expertise for groundwater management in collaboration with its partners.

Knowledge Hub Services

IGES’ research is problem-driven, solution-oriented, multi-dimensional and inter-disciplinary. As the regional knowledge hub for groundwater management, IGES assists national and local government organisations through research, capacity building and knowledge networking, by:
  • Reviewing and sharing of up-to-date information on groundwater and its management in the region;
  • Conducting comparative studies of groundwater policies and management options in the region;
  • Assisting clients in preparing, reforming or restructuring regulatory, legal and institutional frameworks to improve groundwater management in the region;
  • Conducting capacity building programs primarily targeted at national and local governmental officials working on groundwater management;
  • Sharing information and knowledge through international workshops/conferences/meetings targeted at professionals/individuals and institutions working on groundwater management; and
  • Raising political and public awareness on the importance of groundwater resources among relevant stakeholders.
About KnowledgeHubs
KnowledgeHubs, the Asia-Pacific Water Forum’s network of regional water knowledge hubs, is a family of internationally recognised institutions committed to generating and sharing water knowledge and building capacity in the Asia-Pacific region. Each hub takes the lead in networking with clients and partners on a priority water topic such as urban water management, water quality in river basins, flood management, river basin organisation and management, water and climate change adaptation, hydroinformatics, irrigation service reform, water governance, and more.

Each hub works autonomously and is guided by ten key operating principles for quality assurance. Candidate organisations can become hubs through a peer-review procedure that considers the relevance of their proposed topic, their expertise, and their leadership and capacity in their knowledge domain. KnowledgeHubs contributes to APWF's work, and oversight is conducted by the APWF Governing Council. While the knowledge hubs work together as needed, each hub is entirely responsible and accountable for its own services and resources.

Key Operating Principles

  • Vision and leadership for achieving results in the hub's priority topic
  • A focus on meeting client needs with relevant and feasible solutions
  • An inclusive attitude to knowledge networking with clients and partners
  • An international team of experienced specialists working at the hub
  • A stimulating research environment at the hub, including internships
  • Generation, identification and dissemination of state-of-the-art knowledge
  • Regular comparative analysis of progress in countries across the region
  • Excellent products and services for knowledge and capacity development
  • Adequate human and financial resources to develop the hub's excellence
  • An entrepreneurial approach to developing a sustainable business
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Supporting Organisations
Asian Development Bank (ADB), Water for All

Regional Water Knowledge Hubs Network Partners
(in alphabetical order)

Decision Support Systems for River Basin Management (Hydroinformatics)
Disaster Risk Reduction and Flood Management
Erosion and Sedimentation in River Basins
Healthy Rivers and Aquatic Ecosystems
IWC, Australia
Integrated Water Resources Management in Central Asia
Scientific-Information Center ICWC
CA Water Info
Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia
Integrated Water Resources Management in the Pacific
Pacific IWRM Resource Centre, SOPAC, Fiji
Irrigation Service Reform
Water Knowledge Hub on Irrigation Service Reform
IWMI, Sri Lanka
River Basin Organizations and Management
CRBOM, Indonesia
JSC, Japan
Trans-boundary Water Resources Management
Urban Water Management
PUB, Singapore
Water and Climate Change Adaptation in South Asia
TERI, India
Water and Climate Change Adaptation in Southeast Asia
NAHRIM, Malaysia
Water Governance
LKYSPP/IWP, Singapore
Water Quality Management in River Basins
K-Water, The Republic of Korea
Water Resources Management in Mountainous Areas

Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF)
The Asia-Pacific Water Forum is an independent, not-for-profit, nonpartisan, and non-political network dedicated to improving sustainable water management by championing best practices, boosting investments, building capacity, and enhancing co-operation in the water sector at the regional level and beyond.
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For partnership/contribution or any other queries, CONTACT US at:

Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
2108-11 Kamiyamaguchi Hayama, Kanagawa 240-0115, Japan

Tel +81-(0)46-855-3855
Fax: +81-(0)46-855-3809

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IGES Knowledge Partners

Regional Water Knowledge Hubs Network Partners
University of Tokyo
University of Yamanashi

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