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Inception meeting of ADB and UNESCO-IHE Knowledge Partnership Project

Comparative Research of Groundwater Management in the Coastal Areas in Southeast Asia
The inception meeting of a new project “Comparative research of groundwater management in the coastal areas in Southeast Asia” was organised at UNESCO-Institute for Water Education (IHE), Delft, the Netherlands during the first week of December, 2012. This is one of the projects funded by ADB under the "ADB UNESCO-IHE Knowledge Partnership".

The project aims to improve groundwater governance in coastal cities that are facing management challenges related to problems caused by groundwater over abstraction such as groundwater depletion, risk of land subsidence, and threats of sea water intrusion. The project was developed based on the need of accumulation and sharing of information and knowledge essential for managing groundwater in a sustainable way, which was identified during the Launch Meeting of Groundwater Knowledge Hub organised by IGES on 2-3 June, 2011 in Bangkok. The project will continue until October 2014.

IGES participates in this project as facilitator along with UNESCO-IHE, AIT and CCOP (Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programmes in East and Southeast Asia). The project covers four coastal cities in Southeast Asia for comparative study - Metro Cebu (the Philippines), Bohai Coastal Zone (PR China), Jakarta (Indonesia), and Lower Mekong Delta (Viet Nam). In each case study site, local experts from national/local government departments are participating and will undertake onsite activities.

At the inception meeting, three strategies were identified to examine the extent of problems, analyse risk involved, and propose the most feasible mitigation options:
- Understanding the state of problems and analyse future risk scenarios by the application of groundwater modelling tools
- Development of Groundwater Governance Index and its application in coastal areas
- Effective dissemination of groundwater related information and findings to relevant stakeholders

IGES will work with project participants in two main areas: 1) development of the Groundwater Governance Index together with AIT; and 2) dissemination of knowledge products through the Groundwater Knowledge Hub webpage. Application of groundwater modelling tools will be mainly supported by UNESCO-IHE.

 3-7 December 2012
 UNESCO-IHE, Delft, The Netherlands
 Meeting summary1.1MB

Project introduction / Yangxiao Zhou, UNESCO-IHEPDF167KB
Control of seawater intrusion in Amsterdam dune water supply area / Frank Smits, Amsterdam Water Supply, Water@net PDF5.4MB
Saltwater intrusion study in Bohai coastal zone / Hongwei Liu, Tianjin Centre of China Geological surveyPDF559KB
Land subsidence study in Bohai coastal area / Yangxiao Zhou, UNESCO-IHE
Land subsidence monitoring in China / He Qingcheng , CCOP ThailandPDF2.4MB
Coastal groundwater management challenges in Southeast Asia / Binaya Raj Shivakoti, IGESPDF1.5MB
Groundwater study in Mekong Delta / Bui Tran Vuong, Division of Water Resources Planning and Investigation for the South of Vietnam PDF5.1MB
Groundwater study in Jakarta coastal area / Haryadi Tirtomihardjo, Centre of Groundwater Resources and Environmental Geology, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, IndonesiaPDF2.0MB
Groundwater study in Cebu coastal area / Lutgardo Larano, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Mines and Geosciences Bureau, The PhilippinesPDF1.8MB
Groundwater sustainable index / Sangam Shrestha, AIT PDF1.0MB
Exposure visit to:
-Amsterdam Dune Water Supply
Analysis of problems in case study sites
Matching similarities and differences among case studies and prioritising common methodology for simulating alternative scenarios for the sustainable groundwater management
Preparing action plan
Closing of the inception meeting

For further information about the project:

Project Leader
Dr.Yangxiao Zhou
UNESCO-Institute for Water Education
Westvest 7, P.O. BOX 3015, 2601 DA Delft
The Netherlands
Asia-Pacific Groundwater Knowledge Hub
Dr.Binaya Raj Shivakoti
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
2108-11 Kamiyamaguchi, Hayama,
Kanagawa, 240-0115 Japan

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